Company info

This web shop is maintained by Piipitii. Piipitii is a small handicraft company who sells and produces unique hand made procucts, crafts, small gifts and postcards. Production and design of the products is by Piipitii unless otherwise stated.
Piipitii respects the laws passed in Finland regarding marketing, e-commerce and selling on the internet.

Company facts:
- Founded in 2012
- Hand made unique products
- Own designs
- facebook.com/piiapiipitii

Questions and feedback: piia@piipitii.fi 

Delivery, terms and conditions

Price / VAT

All orders delivered to European Union and UK addresses are charged 24% VAT - this is shown on each price as included. For orders shipped outside these regions the VAT will be deducted.

Delivery: Europe/UK and International

Price of postage/shipping is added to each delivery depending on the destination and shipping method. The price of shipping is will be agreed upon with the customer berfore finalising the purchase.

Delivery time

Normal delivery time is 1-2 weeks. If we are out of stock on any item we will contact you by email and keep you informed. Usually the delay is only a few days.

Method of payment

All purchases are paid by invoice. You will receive an invoice within 1-3 days of the order. Delivery follows as soon as the invoice has been paid.

Mobile bank and card payment options will be available soon. 


We will organise a swap for you if you ordered incorrectly or wish you had a different item, in this case we will normally pay postage for you with compliments. In case of larger items, or overseas customers or any returns which are not defective by manufacture we may need to charge the postage at cost. Please contact us before any return. Items customized specially for you will not be refunded.

Force majeur

Piipitii is not liable for failure to perform it's obligations if such failure is as a result of non-foreseeable events (such as natural disaster , labor dispute, strike or interruption or failure of electricity or telephone service.) The customer will always be informed of any delays in delivery either by phone or email.


Finnish law applies to any dispute.


If you need help with your order, please e-mail piia@piipitii.fi